Sex Talk with boys, and when is too young?

Lori - posted on 11/05/2011 ( 2 moms have responded )




My son turns 8 this Friday, I never really thought I needed to have a sex talk with him yet, however a ("so called", and I say so-called because this incident set off a chain of reactions that whereas I discovered she wasn't really a friend) friend decided it was wise to have him share a bed with a 3 or 4 year old girl. Needless to say I received a phone call at 12am with her frantically crying that I needed to come over right away as she found both of them in bed naked. My son was just very confused and had no idea what happened. He said that she (the little girl) was just showing him a game of Karate that her parents play in the bedroom. After separating them and explaining that they can't be doing that, and calming them down that they were not in trouble. Also questioning so called friend why she didn't just put my son and her son in the same room. I got to thinking, so when IS the appropriate age to have the sex talk with a boy?? Any suggestions? Also how to start? ect..


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Kristina - posted on 11/07/2011




I dont believe so but the "good touch bad touch" should be talked about. And always tell him that he can talk to you or his dad (or any other trusting adult) as long as he feels comfortable......I hope that works!!!

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Now would probably be a good time to start. I 'cheated' w/ my girls and bought the book 'Where Did I Come From?' to start us off.

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