Should I send my 4 year old to Pre-K?

Nicole - posted on 02/20/2012 ( 4 moms have responded )




My son will be 4 in May and I'm not sure if I should register him for Pre-K starting next school year. He is an only child and the only time he is around other kids is at church, but they are all older than him. He loves "the big boys" at church and jumps in there and plays right along with them. Currently my grandmother watches him while I work, and she is dead set against him going to Pre-K. She says that she can work with him on his ABC's, 123's, etc., however she hasn't. He can say some of his ABC's and he can count, He can't write his name, but he can type/text it (kind of sad that he has skipped right over handwriting). She also says that she thinks it will be too long of a day for him, which is a concern of mine too (8 to 3, M-F). Please help, registration ends in 2 weeks.


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Rebecca - posted on 02/22/2012




My 4 year old goes to nursery school and he loves it. My daughter is only a year older than my son and in their school the classes are all split. My daughter is in kindergarten but has had the same teacher for 2 years and now my son goes to school with his sister. It seems to work out well and they both really enjoy their time learning.

User - posted on 02/21/2012




It sounds to me like you do want to send him but because grandma is against it, you are having second thoughts.

I cant see how pre-k would hurt your son. If you can find one with shorter days, it might ease your mind a bit. Otherwise, he will benefit from socializing and learning academic skills.

You and grandma can still work with him at home to reinforce whatever he has learned at school.Remember, you are your child's first teacher. It is not solely the school's responsibility to teach your child. You must be an active participant.

Amy - posted on 02/21/2012




Could you possibly find another pre school that isn't such a long day. My son went to preschool because he had never been in care with someone other then family. We didn't want to shock him when he would start kindergarten. He only went 3 days a week for 2 1/2 hours and that was all he needed.

Michelle - posted on 02/20/2012




I would totally send him to pre k one he needs those fundamentals for kindergarten and two he needs to learn to socialize with kids his own age, are there any pre k's that are for a shorter amount of time? Here my daughter goes twice a week 2 hours each day they don't do full days until grade 1

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