Should I tell wild kids at the bus stop to stop?

Tricia - posted on 10/18/2011 ( 4 moms have responded )




So my daughter who is 7 rides the bus to and from school. At her bus stop there are a handfull of kids. The boys are wild and running all over the place and around the parking lot. I don't know if I should say something to them or not. Nowdays I don't know where the line is to say something to keep them safe or if that would be interfering. Their parents are not around at the bus stop and I don't know where they individually live. I am with my daughter at the bus stop and do not allow her to act out and go wild. Has anyone else had to deal with this?


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Sherri - posted on 10/23/2011




Unless they are in imminent danger or hurting someone else no I wouldn't say anything. Just because they are running around is not my business, my business is my own child and as long as he behaves how I expect then all is good.

Sally - posted on 10/23/2011




yes! definitely! this happened to me once and I felt responsible for these kids actions because I was the only adult around. However, you can only do so much for children who have no respect for adults. I watched two boys run across the street and I talk to them about it. Well there was another watchful eye in his house (watching out for his flowers) and he called the cops. The cop came to me first. I am the adult, they are the children. I would also talk to the school about this situation and maybe the parents will want to know what their children are doing at the bus stop.

Tamara - posted on 10/18/2011




I have no clue so far all the kids at my kids bus stops have been standing inline calmly they can get loud but its just playing and nothing wild or anything. its usually my two bickering more then anyone else and i am right there separating them. So I dont know.

Bonnie - posted on 10/18/2011




I haven't had to deal with this yet. Unless they are hurting someone or damaging someone elses property, I probably wouldn't say anything.

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