should I visit my 4 year old class at least once a week?

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Should I visit my 4 year old class at least once a week?


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It depends on the school's needs.
My son's class had 18 kids in it (but he didn't start until 5k), so if his teacher had 18 moms popping in for a visit every week, they would get in the way of her job.

I volunteer at my son's school at least once a week, but most of that is out of the classroom. I average a classroom visit about once a month. His teacher puts out a list of opportunities and emails them to parents so that we can sign up for the time/activity we want to help with.

Lunchtime dates are different. We are welcome to stop in and have lunch with our kids any day, but we must be checked in (with photo ID) and in the cafeteria on time so that we do not cause a disruption. When he first started, I had lunch with him about once a week, but now I rarely do it unless I am already in the school volunteering.


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depends, are you encouraged to? do you feel like your son would benefit from you being there. Or is it just you feel your son is too little to be away from you for such a long period of time? Id love to visit my girls at school, and i think its encouraged(they're 6 in kindergarten) But I dont wanna look like a weirdo/ helicopter mom nor do I want my daughters getting picked on b/c they have their mommy in school with them by doing this. So I just let them go and leave it be.

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No not unless there is a problem. Unless you are asked to volunteer I would just drop off or pick up.

You don't actually say why your asking??

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I see nothing wrong with that. I think that it shows the teachers that you are concerned about our childs progress and it shows your child that mommy can show up at any time so I better be good. I worked for my son who decided that he was the boss and didn't have to do anything anyone said.

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You can try to volunteer, keep in mind it may not work, with one of my sons, i decided it wasn't working because he started getting confused as to who was in charge, since he was use to mommy being in charge all the time so it confused him terribly even after explaining it to him over and over with him. when I wasn't there he did great listening to the teacher following class rules and what not. also when mom helped the other kids he would have a huge fit.

My others had no problem with mom there helping out and mom helping the other kids they were excited about the whole thing.

So I suggest trying a few weeks see how your child goes then go from there. I decided it was best for my sons class for me not to do in class things I did things for the class at home. Since you don't want to disturb but to help and enhance the kids in the class experience

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When mine were that age, it was mandatory for a parent to volunteer for at least 4 hours a week in the classroom. After that, I just continued to volunteer in my sons' classes, both ages. Most teachers don't mind volunteers, as long as you understand that THEY are the teacher. You may be making copies, or building packets, or (fill in the blank), just as a TA would. Or, you may be helping with a reading group, or counting skills, etc. It all depends on the needs of the teacher/classroom. The main thing to understand is that you aren't there to baby your child, but to assist in the classroom.

Not that most parents try to "baby" their own kids in that situation, but I've seen it happen.

I had a blast with my kids classes, and got to go on some really neat field trips and such. My boys both loved having me, and the rest of the kids still remember that I was their aide at one time or another, which is another reward for me.

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I don't think 'visiting' is the answer. Volunteer. teacher become on edge and defensive if they think parents are lurking around and judging them. If you volunteer, partner with the school, then the staff gets the impression that you are a team player and are there for the best interest of all the students.

Best of Luck!

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It depends on your availability, the needs of your son, and the needs of his class.

My 3.5 year old son is only in preschool 2 days/week this year, but I will NOT visit his class. It would be hard and disruptive on him cuz then he'd want me there all the time.

Who knows how he'll be next year though when he goes 5 days/week. ;)

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