Should Kids (or teens) Get Jobs?

Erin - posted on 08/11/2012 ( 4 moms have responded )




Just curious, how do you feel about your kids going out and getting their own jobs? My kids are nowhere near this stage in life yet, but I came across this topic elsewhere and I guess I just wanna know! I got my first job when I was 14 (fast food bleh). It was a horrid experience, but the next job I had after that was great. I feel always having a job in highschool helped to teach me the value of hard work, and earning my own money. I know it's harder for teens to get jobs these days, but is it something you'd want your child to go for? If so, at what age do you think they should start looking for work?


Mariah - posted on 12/08/2013




I just started my 9 year old on little fundraisers, from work at home co. casa gigs. I'm waiting to be approved but they will help give him an introduction on how to be an entrepreneur and an early age. If I get in, he will be selling known products from large companies to raise the money he wants for a new xbox. Perfect for me because it costs tooooooo much right now.


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Barbara - posted on 11/20/2012




School of course is important and if they have good grades and having a part time job after school or on the weekends does not interfere then yes part time work is fine. My boys are still too young they are only 6 ad 8. We already did discuss this. If grades are good yes they can work part time. Paperboys or working at the golf course up the street we have been discussing. My 8 year did have a little job this summer. My neighbor just had her 2nd child and asked my son if he would like to babysit her 4 year old boy on some afternoons. Of course she was home but my son had her little 4 year old boy in the backyard and played with him for 30 min or 1 hour so she could get some things done while the baby was napping and my son was paid $1.00 and he thought that it was great! She got to do some me things and my boy got to get paid! He showed a lot of responsibility with the little boy so it was a win win situation.

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It's actually really NOT hard for a teen to find work, and I think it's a valuable experience. Assuming, of course, that the teen is responsible enough to work and that he is able to keep up with school, get enough sleep, etc while working. My kids work at a place that's only open during the summer months, so there's minimal interference with homework and school activities. They started at 14 and 13, respectively. (You can't officially work at 13, but you can do things like babysit, mow lawns, shovel snow, etc).

Amy - posted on 08/12/2012




Most places you have to be 16 to work, I do think it's important for teens to have jobs, it helps teach them the value of earning your own money. On the flip-side there education should be their top priority.

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