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Help summer holidays are upon us & I'm struggling with my 2 boys 8 & 7. They don't seem to be able to spend anytime in each others company without argueing & fighting. I guess they are both as bad as each other but my youngest really knows how to push the wrong buttons on my oldest. This is not something recent & have always bickered. They both get treated the same & I don't think I am doing anything to make this worse they just seem to be arch enemies. My oldest is very sensitive & it usually ends up with him being emotional & the smaller one being spiteful But as I have said, the oldest is just as bad as the youngest. They will argue about anything & everything, Where they sit at the dinner table, who goes up the stairs first, If I ask one of then a question, the other will butt in with the answer befor the first get a chance...Help with some suggestions please.


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Lisa - posted on 07/24/2010




WOW, I am not alone. I have 2 boys, one is 5 and one will be 8 on Monday. They are night and day! They can never play without getting into a hitting match. They fight to be the first for everything, knowing they both are going to get the same. I will await to see the responses you get, as it might help me. My mom, LOL, said that we as kids growing up were not angels (6 of us), but we were not this bad. They never can agree on anything. Best of luck to you! We are in the same boat!

Danielle - posted on 07/23/2010




First of all, take a deep breath and relax. You're not alone. My two oldest (11 & 10) have been in competition and fighting for as long as I can remember. I think it's a lot worse with kids who are so close in age. I know you feel like a ring master and I would like to say that it will get better, but I don't know. It might, it might not. All you can do is the best you can and pray they grow out of it at some point. Instead of house rules, we came up with Family Values. 1) God 2) Family 3)Respect..... Whenever they are mean to each other I ask them " what would God think about how you handled that? How could you have done it differently? It really seems to help. All I can say is " with God all things are possible". Stay strong and pray everyday. I really suggest the book - The power of a possitive mom by Karol Ladd. It's amazing how much power we hold by being the every day role model. It is definitley helping me. Good luck.

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