Single mom losing my cool with my 10 year

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My 10 year old has really been testing my patience lately. She has been having some bullying issues in school which is slightly improving but it's still going on...maybe that has something to do with it but she is very irritable lately and doesn't want to do anything other than play video games after school. The main problem is her back talking and showing me an attitude now, she also antagonizes my sensitive 2 year old every chance she gets which leads to the baby whining and crying frequently almost every time they are in the room together no's very frusturating...I threaten to take her cell phone away which I do sometimes but she panics and just starts searching the cabinets and screaming and crying hysterically...I think her phone has become her escape from the stress at home (I am a stressed out single mom and know it rubs off) and the stress at school...any ideas on how to get this behavior to stop?! Anyone else going through this? Thanks...


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Our 10 yr old daughter went through this last school year. Hers also started when the bullying was going on at school. I wasnt sure what to do either but all we told her is...We understand the bullies at school act that way towards her and she doesnt like why would she want to act just like them?" We also explained that noone wants to be friends with a bully, or people who are bossy and mean, so if she acted that way eventually she wouldnt have any friends either. How we dealt with her and her now 4 yr old brother is we told both of them "If you cant play nice, stay away from each other. And if you dont wana do that then you will both be stuck in your room the rest of the day with NOONE to play with or talk to". It has gotten a little better at home, although siblings are gonna argue and we just pick our battles. She finally ignored the bullies at school and started telling them the same thing we told her about noone wanting to be friends with bullies and it finally stopped.

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