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Charisa - posted on 11/04/2011 ( 2 moms have responded )




OK so my son doesn't have any friends and continues to try at a small country school where there are only 12 boys. Most of these boys had established friendships before kindergarten and then my son started there. In kindergarten he was deemed to have behavior problems he was a touchy boy. Liked to hug, tickle. It was hard for hinto calm down after getting started. Over the years, he has controlled this better. Only in Kindergarten did they have behavior problems with him. BUT..... to me it seems that is still carried on year to year. That tag has not left him. No one wants to play with him. He invites people over and they say no. I have seen for myself how he has said hi to kids and they totally ignore him. I have talked to the principal and he says thay my son is always happy when he sees him. I have talked to his teacher and she has stated that son could do better minding his own business. Not trying to be in everyones conversation. Well hello no one wants to be play with him what is he supposed to do. would he have a better chance at a bigger school to have friends because theeir are more boys. or do I leave hiim there??????????HELPPPP?????I am sooo worn out from this... I just want my son to succeed.THANKS for alll your advice and time.


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Amy - posted on 11/05/2011




Is it possible to drive to another town to get him involved in extra curricular activities so he can meet some kids. We enrolled my son in tae Kwon do when he was having problems with motor skill development, you could also try ice hocky it's expensive but it's a team sport so he'll hopefully build a relationship with his team members. Otherwise I would look for a soccer team or baseball team to get involved with.

If those aren't options what about a big brother program where he can meet other kids or joining a Y and getting him involved. Good luck kids can be so mean!

Katherine - posted on 11/05/2011




Aww I feel so sad for him. He is probably trying so hard. Most of the time when kids have those problems and they've tried to make friends, they revert to being the class clown or something to get attention.
That's really horrible that he's invited kids over and they say no.
Maybe a bigger school would be better, but you may run into the same problems. It's sad that kids already form their cliques. Maybe you should speak with the teacher? Ask her how to go about doing this.

IMO no child should feel so left out. Kids can be so cruel.

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