Smart but stubborn son won't do homework

Karen - posted on 10/06/2011 ( 2 moms have responded )




My son is in I.E.P classes for math and reading cus we thought he was struggling. I started testing him at home on both and learned that he could add and subtract (wich they hadn't done in school) by the middle of his 2nd year of K. But he would never show the teachers what he knew. He's now in 1st grade, still in I.E.P., still knows how to + and -, and can even add in his head for small problems like 6+4. On a good day he's eager to start cus he knows we go outside afterwards and will do half his homework well and the other half he slows down, complains how he's done it all day at school, throws his paper, breaks penciles ect. anything but getting it done. He had his 1st math test come home and I had to sign every page because he got most of the answers wrong. They were all very simple and when I asked him to redo them, he got them all right with no help at all. This week he has began refusing to do his homework. I kept putting him in his room for his attitude and then having him come out to try and finish. But he just got more and more angry. We've tried doing some problems and coming back to it later, didn't work. He says he hates going to I.E.P because the teacher is mean. i told him that if he works w/me we can get him out of it, but he says then I won't get the candy and prizes they give out. He even told me that he doesn't want to get better at anything because they will make him do more. Says he's trying to get out of doing it and that the teacher is stupid for making him do this stupid stuff all the time. Any suggestions on how to teach him that school is important and that he can't move on until he stops being so stubborn.


Tamara - posted on 10/06/2011




I agree, i sounds like he is bored and kids tend to act out when they are bored.

Michelle - posted on 10/06/2011




Honestly sounds like you have a very smart little boy who is bored I would look into getting his iq tested and see where that takes you. If he can do it at home he can do it at school my son was that way in grade 1 as well and finally now in grade 5 we have a teacher who is willing to help encourage him to get stuff finished at school instead of it always coming home because he didn't feel like doing it in class. good luck to you


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