So I have a new boyfriend and my son isn't acting right

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I have recently gotten into dating and I have found a very great guy my son isn't use to any men being around period his dad had nothing to do w either of us and my son is use to me being all his however he rarely ever showed me any affection and if he did it was a min or two then he was off to playing again I now have a boyfriend and when sitting in the car or on the couch ill hold hands my son will pull our hands apart and say my mama u can't have her this bothered me I had a few thoughts that maybe he didn't like my boyfriend so I asked him he said no I love him he's so funny and plays transformers w me and we eat ice cream together well I asked my boyfriend if there could b any other reason for this behavior and he has no idea says my son just maybe needs to get use to his mama having a bf now which seems reasonable but what if that's not it then I end up abandoning my child's needs and I screw up as a mom should I dump my boyfriend ?? Should I just totally forget about dating until he's out if the house? I'm so confused someone plz help


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How old is your son?

I would say if you are really serious about this guy then you need to talk to your son about it. Tell him that mommy has a friend whom she cares about very much and would like to be a part of your lives, and that your bf isn't there to take any attention away from him and he will always be the most important, the bf is just a new person in your lives to love and have fun with.

Maybe you could try to find ways for all 3 of you to spend time together, like at the park or Chuckie Cheese, some kid things like that, that you can all participate in.

That's the best I think of :-/ hope it helps.

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