Son hitting because of being bullied.

Melissa - posted on 10/23/2011 ( 2 moms have responded )




My son has been in I.S.S. four times and written up five time for harming others while in school. Just before the last bout of I.S.S. (aka D-hall) he told me that a bunch of boys in his class where calling him names. He tried to tell me things like this last year, but this time around he said that they where in his class (and not in some random mysterious class like last year) and now a few other children have come forward DIRECTLY to me and told me about the shoving and name calling. Now I've got some moms who have told me to my face that I am a horrible mother. I know I'm not, but man does that make my blood boil! Anyway, I did "get the ball rolling" as it where, and started the anti-bullying plan at my son's school. I'm also getting him a full psych evaluation for other reasons, but I know that the rage/outbursts from being called names and knocked around when the teacher has her back turned really doesn't help. Any other mom's who had this happen to them? Any advice would be great. Some days are better than others, but this last week was nuts.


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When you started the "anti-bullying" plan at the school , did you get online and google "bullying"?
I have found some good ideas and advice on StopBullying dot gov and Kids Health dot org (in teens). I'm not sure what you have tried and suggested for your son? This is where I started...
Can you request a transfer to another school in your area? It could mean taking your son every morning and picking him up in the afternoon... yet it might be one way to help him out.
Hope you find a way to help him!


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Jill - posted on 10/27/2011




so, is your son defending himself from the other kids calling him names? of course, nothing is ever resolved by hitting but why is your child getting into trouble if he's defending himself? have you talked to his teacher about this? you are NOT a horrible mother! you need to protect your child in every way you need to. if your child is hitting for other reasons, then of course he should accept his punishment, but if he's hitting b/c these other kids wont leave him alone, then that's another kind of issue that needs to be addressed. sounds like the teacher and maybe the principal, too needs to be involved, as well as those other kids' parents. sometimes for children to see all the parents in a room talking about them is scary enough to get them to straighten up and realize that this little "joke" on other kids is not so funny.

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