son tears paper

Elizabeth - posted on 09/13/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




hi can any one please tell me why my 4yr old son always keep tearing up papers all the time


Ariana - posted on 09/14/2012




I'm not sure exactly what the context is so it's hard to know why. Either he just likes the sensation of tearing paper, likes the reaction he gets, or does it in anger back at you.

If he just likes the sensation I would get him his own paper he can tear.

If it's for a reaction don't react to him at all and just take him away from the papers he's near and give him the paper he's allowed to tear.

If he does it in anger I would give him a time-out and tell him he's only allowed to tear his own papers and make him apologize.

Until he stops I would try to keep any important papers away from him if at all possible (although I'm sure you've thought of that ha) and allow him to tear up his own special tearing paper.

Good luck!

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