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Alright ladies & house husbands lol...

My 11 year old step son thinks he knows it all and tries to start arguments with me on purpose all the time. I fear that we are growing apart as "friends" and will struggle to get along as step mom and step son. His dad backs me 100% because he sees how this child who was once respectful and gentle natured has turned into a raging tween with anger issues but it seems the more his dad supports me the worse my step son feels toward me. It's not out of control YET but I'm trying to prevent that now. He get spoiled to the point of ridiculous by his mother (i.e; getting a plasma flat screen for Xmas to go with his Playstation 3 and 40 games to boot on top of a new 4 wheeler and all the gear that goes with it.) so when he comes to our place, he expects the same treatment and we have 6 kids, it's impossible for us to do this. So he rebels. He also doesn't like any of our children and says they get on his nerves as they are smaller and can't understand how to play with him the way he likes. Any advice?!


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wow thats a hard one. you r right he does sound spoiled but he probably has alot of emotions with the whole situaton. I mean his father has a whole new family and he is probably feeling left out. His mother is trying to make up for the divorce by buying him things. Just keep letting him know that he is still part of the family and you are not trying to take his mom's place. He could be acting this way to get more attention. Older children who go thru this do not understand. Do not give up on him. Show him all the love you can while setting boundries and letting him know what your house rules are. And it will help if his Dad stops him in his tracks when he acts up. Then he will know that his behavior is not acceptable. Your household is your household and don't let him forget that.In love of course!!! He will get used to the other kids in time it will take some hard work. If all fails some family counseling wouldn't hurt, It seems he has alot to get off of his chest!!!

Good luck to you and your family I hoped I helped a little. and stay strong. I have a 11 year old myself and she used to do the same thing when I got married! but now my husband and my daughter get along fine. It was hard though. Just keep up the good work!

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