stressed about my 11yr old daughters moods

Katie - posted on 03/21/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




Hi, for the last two weeks my daughter has been extremely emotional. Crying then happy, angry at me all the time and ignoring me when asked to do something. Well tonight was the last bit of patience I has then I said what on earth is wrong!
In a most upset state I decided to Google her behavior and found this site YAY! I read comments that other mums had the same issues and said it was all hormonal and puberty kicking in. Thank god it's only now at least I know why.
I went back into my daughter, although we were not on speaking terms and she refused to take a shower or do anything I
I said "I apologize, I didn't understand what you were going through, I was so upset I Google your behavior and other mums said their daughter's are going through the same feeling. It's ok it's just ur hormons making you feel like this it's part of puberty and growing up. You know I love you come give me a hug and kiss and I'll run the shower to make you feel better...
Surprised as I was I got a huge hug send kiss and my daughter said I hate and said I'm only in the shower for one minute then! 20 minutes later she's out and we are both happy! SO A HUGE THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU FOR HELPING ME OUT TONIGHT! xo


Debbie - posted on 03/23/2013




I had the same issues with my 11 year old. Found out that girls actually show symptoms of PMS/PMDD up to three years prior to beginning a period. Think about it, the first ten years they are children, the next ten years they learn to drive, date, and marry! No wonder they are so stressed out and add a period to that! What a tangle of nerves we all deal with during certain times of the month. I found a book called From Combat Zone to Love at Home: The Happy Face Token System that has an amazing assortment of charts and ideas that actually work to form a family program for success. Charts that track symptoms of PMS/PMDD, anger management charts, responsibility charts that teach family togetherness and sibling harmony as well as a remarkably simple token system that gets happy first time compliance from even the most strong-willed child. It isn't just an idea, it is a family program that everyone loves and uses for many years while teaching the children self-reliance and everyday skills and social graces. There is a good web site that talks about it at
as well as a good web site for pms at
Good luck!

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