"Talking Issues At School"

Amy - posted on 10/08/2009 ( 2 moms have responded )




My daughter is in 2nd grade and keeps getting in trouble at school for talking in class and not paying attention. We have talked to her and the teacher, we have punished and taken away privlages, we have requested her desk be moved in class, we have tried a rewards system at home.....all to no avail! Bless her heart, she is very friendly and outgoing but she doesn't seem to get the point that there is a time and a place to socialize! Any suggestions?


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im having sort of the same problem with my 1st grade son, so i was reading some one elses post about behavior problems at school, so i will ask you how her grades are? is she bored in class and not challenged enough? someone else posted that to another question and i think thats a really good point...

Martha - posted on 10/08/2009




I know this may sound mean, but since positive re-enforment and light punishment isn't working, I reccomend tougher punishments. She is young so long term punishments such as week long groundings are out of the question. I would ground her for 2 days if it continues. When she comes home straight to the room no tv no toys. I am sure that two evenings with NO PRIVELEDGES WOULD MAKE AN IMPRESSION. Also tell her one more incident and you will be grounded for two days. I had a similiar situation with my nephew (who I keep alot) It straightened him out. It was tough for me not to lift his grounding, but I stuck to it and it seems to work

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