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My 5 yr old daughter like any girl or woman likes to talk. But lately I 've had a hard time getting her to stop talking in school and at home when it is time to be quiet. Her teacher has already send home letters asking that we speak with her and we have but it doesn't seem to work. She is also giving us a hard time listening in general. What can I do to stop the excessive talking and the misbehaving?


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My son was doing this same thing a minute ago. :) It can get very frustrating! Just in case this might help... I teach communications to adult students using a book called, "People Skills: How to Assert Yourself, Listen to Others, and Resolve Conflicts," by Robert Bolton. Most of my students say that the listening skills section helps them with both their kids feeling heard - then not chattering on so long, and also teaching their kids about fair exchange in conversation and listening. When my son is on a roll sometimes it is surprisingly quick and effective to use the reflective listening and assertion skills. It makes him happy and brings him back to a reasonable way of talking and listening. Best of luck!

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