Teacher, Don Simmonds bullied and assault 12 year old daughter, no criminal consequence because happened at school

Ann - posted on 04/24/2013 ( 2 moms have responded )




My 12 year old daughter was squeezed by a male teacher called Don Simmonds in her school. I learnt that since the assault happened at school, the police will not accept my report at the police station. It must go through community police, which links with the school and children's aid society (CAS). The society says that they can't refer the teacher to the police for the assault, as there is no bruise evident, even thought the teacher admitted to holding my daughter (guiding). I'm outraged that a male teacher can teach my daughter to be forcibly submissive, and there is nothing we can do in Canada, because there is no cuts or bruise that can be seen. My child is black, bruise not shown easily, and the teacher is a mature white male. I need help for my daughter. When children bullies each other, the result is devastating, can you imagine being bullied by a teacher who should be protecting you, and having a system of bureacracy protecting his behavior. If he squeezed her outside the school, he would have been charged for assault. What is Canadian school teaching our children? How safe are our children at school? How is it the police are called when a student is alleged to hit a teacher, and not when a teacher hits a grade 6 student? If you agree with me that Don Simmonds, the adult supply teacher who squeezed my daughter in her biceps yesterday, should be criminally responsible please advise how we may stop abuse by caretakers to our children.


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I agree with Denikka here. I don't agree that you posting the teacher's full name on the internet is a good idea, either.

If there are no witnesses, if the contact was admitted and explained by the instructor, and if you've had your daughter physically examined by a professional and determined that there is no bruising or evidence of assault, then you can't prove anything, and you actually could be charged with libel and slander by the teacher, who's name you've put in your post.

If you have had your daughter physically examined by a medical professional, and determined that the contact did, indeed, cause harm, then you can bring action on it.

He said/She said never comes out well.

Denikka - posted on 04/25/2013




Are there any witnesses to this?
If not, then you're basically taking your daughters word (that may be exaggerated somewhat) with absolutely ZERO evidence.
What would you expect the police or community police or CAS to do about a claim that has absolutely nothing to back it up?
Even in an assault case, or any other criminal case, there has to be evidence. Physical injury, witnesses, something to back up an accusation.

I'm sorry that something happened to your daughter, but with absolutely no evidence (it doesn't sound like you have any from your post), there's nothing that anyone can do. And without witnesses, it's really a *he said/she said* matter. Maybe he didn't grab your daughter as hard as she says he did. Maybe he did. but without a third party to confirm or deny, and especially without physical proof (bruises), there's really no way to say exactly what happened.

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