Teaching my son to write his name

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I'm teaching my son to print his name because he will be starting kindergarten next month and it is something they say he needs to be able to do. My problem is that every time we sit down to do letters he treats it like a big joke. He just laughs and thinks it's hilarious and gets distracted. Bribery, punishment, reasoning with him, nothing seems to work. Has anyone had this problem before? What did you do about it?


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Start with letting him practice in settings where he doesn't have to sit down. These activities will familiarize him with letters and his name, and also get him used to following instructions, which are all important for kindy.
Have him use a stick to draw his name in the dirt in your back yard.
Give him sidewalk chalk and have him draw his name on the sidewalk.
Have him use small rocks to draw his name.
Draw his name for him very large with chalk and let him "walk his name" from start to finish, jumping from one letter to the next.
Use his building blocks to "build" his name.
Use matchbox cars lined up in the shape of his name.

Once he is familiar with the way it looks. Try these activities--these will further familiarize him with his name and get him used to sitting still for activities, which is an important skill for kindy.
Draw his name on a piece of cardboard or foam board and use a hole punch to punch holes along the lines that make up the letters of his name. Have him thread a piece of yarn through the holes--it's like sewing his name.
Draw his name and have him glue string, noodles, buttons, pennies, or some other small object along the lines.

Once he is taking your activities seriously, you can move on to actually writing.
First, draw his name in a light color and let him trace over your drawing with a darker color.
Next, draw his name in dotted lines and let him trace it.
Third, draw his name across the top of the page, and underneath that, draw only dots for him to connect to form the letters of his name.
Once he has mastered that, draw his name across the top of the page, and underneath that, draw blank lines for each letter and help him draw each letter.
Last, draw his name and let him copy it all on his own.

Also, let him "decorate" his name--draw it on the paper and let him draw pictures all over it. You can do this anytime he is willing to do it.

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