Telling stories that are not true

Marj - posted on 10/13/2010 ( 1 mom has responded )




My son is 6,he just started Grade 1.It has been rough for him as he had the same teacher for JK and SK.All of the friends he had been with except maybe 2 are all in a different class.Not sure if this could be why but he has started lying to me and telling me half the truth or completely making up stories as what happened at school.I would not be concerned if the stories were harmless but just yesterday he said a boy did something to him he neglected to tell me he did it too.Needless to say I wrote the teacher and wanted an explanation.This is the 3rd time I have believed him and been wrong.My heart is breaking and I feel I must have done something wrong as a parent for him to be spinning these stories.Any and all advice would be appreciated.As I am so frustrated and upset I am all tears today.


Candy - posted on 10/14/2010




Relax. He is going to try this out. My friend's son has tried the same thing. What she did is made him go talk to the teacher with her about the problem. When he got in there he couldnt lie. He told the truth because he knew he had been caught. If you are not yelling at the teacher and just asking her about what might have happened I am sure she will understand. He is 6 and lies will come. My 5 year is a great story teller too. You have done nothing wrong. Someone told me this and it helps me everyday: You are a good enough mother and that is all we can ask for. Even God's children disobeyed him.

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