Things parents should know when teaching your child to read

Betty - posted on 08/30/2010 ( no moms have responded yet )




No parent wants to find out that their child is falling behind at school. When that news is passed to the parents they can get upset and start looking at ways to provide extra reading help for kids. I myself have chosen to specialize in teaching kids to read, and it is my belief that most of the kids who fall behind at school do not need to, as its the way they are being taught that is the problem.

It is now evident that today’s schools are not producing pupils whose literacy skills would be of anything like the same standard as pupils who went to school in the 1900’s. In response many families, are opting for home schooling.

Far and away the most important aspect of a child’s education is reading. It is the bedrock on which all other learning is based. At my school they did not teach phonics but used the memorization method instead. In common with most people who are not taught phonics I struggled with reading and hated it. Although my results were OK that was only because I had to put in a huge amount of effort. Once I came across phonics as a teacher years later whilst working in elementary school I was pleasantly surprised at how much my own reading improved. As a reading specialist for over ten years, children who learn to read using phonics are more confident ,passionate readers reading at lest two to three years above grade level.

It comes as no surprise that parents who choose to embark on a home study program with their child are nervous and unsure. But don’t worry, with a little information, and the correct tools, I guarantee you it is much easier than you might think!

The term dyslexic or ADD are often used to label children, however up to 50% of them are ‘hands on’ learners who simply don't respond well to memorization techniques.

Sometimes this type of personality is described as action oriented, in other words, these children are not unintelligent, dyslexic or ADD. Quite the opposite in fact they are often highly intelligent, it is the method of teaching that is letting them down because it is not appropriate for action-oriented learners.

You should look in to how to learn to read with phonics, as this will provide the best option for your child. There is every chance that they can catchup with their peers and quickly and leave school with good reading skills.

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