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Kristin - posted on 01/03/2010




I don't know --- I am having the same problem and my daughter's 11... she no longer cares really if someone sees her w/ her thumb in ther mouth. Generally though she only does it when she's beyond tired or feels bad. She used to do it @ school, but I don't think she does it as much there; however, I've noticed that she will do it @ home when we'e watching a movie or lounging around. ... I know this doesn't sound very encouraging ... Good luck!! :)

Heidi - posted on 12/19/2009




Try no bite polish on their finger, It has a very bitter taste and it helps some. My daughter sucked her thumb until she was 4. We constantly had to remind her to get her thumb out of her mouth. We are now going through the same process with my 2 year old..

Patricia - posted on 12/18/2009




Your worst enemy the one thing you just can't take away. I sucked my thumb untill I was 5 or so. No matter what you put on the thumb they can always wash it off. Sooner or later they will stop. Usually around school age as sleep overs become more frequent. What made me stop was that I felt embarrest to suck my thumb in front of friends so I learned to stop because of sleep overs.

Stephanie - posted on 12/17/2009




My mom put pepper on my sister thumb because she hate pepper or try anything that your child don't like.

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