To operate or Not to operate. This is my question.

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My daughter just turned 5. She has been a very healthy child up until this past October. Now she has had 5 colds that have resulted in high fever for 5 days, headache & sore throat with spots. One or two times she tested positive for strep but the rest have been negative. Her doctor keeps saying this is normal; but she has never been sick like this. I took it upon myself this last time to seek a second option of an ENT & he wants to take them out ASAP. While I know he is the expert in the area; I still wonder if our doctor does no best... I know that a number of families have been through this. So, any info is helpful. Even if it's post-op advice. I think that's what scares me the most.


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I haven't had this problem with my kids but, I have had this problem with myself.I'm 37 & I still have my tonsils.I also was sick alot as a child & as a young adult.I wish my parents would have had mine taken out when I was small then maybe I wouldn't have been sick all of the time.


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And ENT will usually want to take them out. A pediatrician will generally want to wait and allow the child to outgrow the issue. The problem is, it can take up to the age of 12 for tonsils to go back down.

We've determined that my 6 year old is a carrier. She's had strep continuously for 6 weeks, missed alot of school and had 3 different types of antibiotics. All of that has concerned us enough to choose surgery.

3 episodes of strep in one year is considered excessive. The tonsils are a first line of defense germs and bacteria but if a child is a strep carrier, they will always be more apt to get it.

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My daughter was never really sick until she turned 4, after that she had strep at least 5 times within the year. Dr. said she was a carrier for it. Meaning if she got around someone with any type of strep she got it. Had her tonsils out when she was 5 and now there's no strep and she's hardly ever sick. Post-op is fairly easy just soft foods and give meds like they say and they'll be fine. It's not as hard on them when they're young.They bounce back quickly. I'm glad we did it cause now she's in better moods and not always feverish or ill. She's much happier and so are WE!

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Did she by any chance just start school this past fall???

I went through this with all three of my kids the first few months of starting school, constant sickness/flu/colds. My youngest just started Kindergarten this past fall, and this is the longest so far this year she hasn't been sick (its been 7 weeks).

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I would get a second opinion as well. Since the tonsils are a vital part of the immune system they catch incoming infections and sample them to from antibodies. It is said that they are pretty vital for the first couple years of life but their importance (and size) dwindles around age three, so if your second opinion indicates that the operation is necessary don't feel too badly about it. When it comes to surgery though it is always best to make sure it is totally needed before putting the child through it.

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I think I'd wait. You will also want to check with your insurance. Only being sick 5 times in 6 months may not fit their criteria for having them taken out. Remember that the ENT is the expert but he/she also has $$ to gain from taking out those tonsils. Talk with your regular doctor about this and then make your decision. As long as it's not emergent, you can always wait until you have all the info you need to make the decision.

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