Toilet Training Regression Boy Aged 6 - Please help!

Alicia - posted on 12/13/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




My son is 6 tomorrow, was fully toilet trained poos and wees! and then about 3 months ago he got a tummy spew/poo bug that struck him down for 4 days, after this he has started to not go poos on the toilet, wees is fine. He seems to get this awkward look on his face (like he wants to go poos) but runs away into his room and closes the door or if we are out he will go sit down with the weird look on his face, i have tried to put him on the toilet when this happens but unless i physically carry him on there kicking and screaming i might add he will not go to the toilet. I have been to the docters about this and tried laxatives and enemas which dont appear to have much joy! I have started him on metamucil and now on prebiotics aswell, still no joy! His bowels appear to be getting so full that poo will start to leak out into his underwear. This is becoming embarassing for him as other children are starting to notice the smell, especially with summer coming on. I hve started a reward chart again still not working! PLEASE tell me i am not the only one with a son that this is happening to!!?? What advice can you give me please help! i am at my wits end and do not know what to do anymore! We have been to the docters heaps and now are waiting for a specialist apointment, which is going to cost $380 just for the consult! any advice would be so greatful thanks heaps


Amy - posted on 12/13/2012




Honestly it's probably something psychological going on. Something may have happened while he was sick that has caused a fear so he's now holding it. My son 6 1/2 just had a traumatic experience for him, he had a bowel movement and it was large (tmi), when he wiped there was a bit of blood, well my son freaked out. I explained that it wasn't a big deal that he just needs to go when he has the urge rather than try and hold it till he's home. I didn't think anything of it till about 3 or 4 days later when he had a accident while he was asleep, I woke up to him trying to clean it up very upset. I asked him what happened and he explained that he had been holding his poop from the incident previously. I would try and talk to him and reason with him, at 6 years old he should know what he's doing, have you asked him why he won't use the bathroom?

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