trick or trating this year or not?

Maria - posted on 10/28/2009 ( 4 moms have responded )




OK so this year will be the first since my son was a baby he is now going to be 5 that my husband will have Halloween off and we were going to take them trick or treating like I do every year but he started thinking about the H1N1 and how maybe it's not so safe to take them because what a better way to transfer germs and what if people are sick and still hand out candy. So I was wondering what other moms think he wants me to make up my mind by Friday night because he is leaving it up to me. My kids already got their costumes and everything they need. So I was thinking about maybe baking some Halloween treats at home for them with them and doing some arts and crafts this year. My two daughters are sick right now so they are not going but I thought it wouldn't be fair to my son to stay at home if he is not sick. I want to know what other moms think and what other moms are doing other then trick or treating?


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AMERICA - posted on 10/30/2009




My family is saying NO to trick or treating this year due to not only h1n1 but all the other flu viruses also! just buy them some candy and rent some halloween movies and spend the night togeather!

Kim - posted on 10/29/2009




i hope that your husband will let the kids know that their mom is one smart lady. whether you go or not it's pretty cool that you realized the possible problems of choosing to go. i don't think it is unfair to your son if you choose the stay at home option. the whole reason you are wondering is over the concern of illness and what better reason? he could be more susceptible after being exposed to the illness. it is kinda hit or miss.maybe if he goes you could wash your hands and open the candy and give it to him instead of his hands being on the wrappers and then in his mouth. don't know if that is a safer way but thought i'd throw it out there.

Faith - posted on 10/28/2009




That is a tough one. I have tossed the idea of taking my baby trick or treating and I think I have decided against it this year. There is just too much crap going on right now that I don't want to take him out and around like that. Now my other son is almost 5 and he has asthma. I did plan on taking him if it isn't cold and raining. If it is raining and chilly, we are not going to take him either. We'll just sit at grandma's and eat her

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