Trying to change schools.

Brandy - posted on 05/21/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




I am a mom of a 5 year old boy and an 8 year old girl. When my daughter was in pre-k I sent her to a school out of district because I know it is a good school and it is not required to live in district for pre-k. When pre-k was over I was forced to send her to our local school. Kindergarten was the start of our problems. The first week she came home with a big gash on her forehead where a kid threw a chunk of concrete at her from the monkey bars. No one ever called and when I picked her up she still had blood in her hair. I would have taken her to the doctor had I been advised when it happened. I did have it checked out later. Come the first grade her teacher had such a problem with her talking so much she separated her from the class with books piled around her so she couldn't see anyone. I spoke with her previous teachers and no one has had a problem with her talking. It became an ordeal with this teacher about her talking. Every time she got wrote up for talking I made her come home and write lines "I will not talk while the teacher is teaching". This year has far surpassed the other years. Mind you I only gave one example per year but thats not all that happened. This year her teacher loved her and continually bragged on what an excellent student she was. The problem is with her classmates. She has been bullied by students in her class and other classes on the playground. One boy who just got out of ISS that day for picking up a girl and slamming her on the ground, came onto the playground after lunch and held my daughters arm behind her back and balled his fist up in her face and threatened to punch her. She told the aid on the playground and nothing was done. Another child continually kicks my daughter and leaves bruises on her legs. I have spoke to many many parents during our three years here and have got the same response from all of them that this is just how the school is. It has always been this way and always will be. It does no good to complain to the teacher or the principle because its not just the students its the faculty allowing these "favorite" or "special" students to get away with things. One day the teacher called me and told me I needed to come get my daughter out of the bathroom because she had diarrhea and couldn't hold it. When I picked my girl up she began crying because the teacher had yelled at her in front of the class and sent her out to sit in the hallway because her diarrhea was disrupting her class. Why wasn't I called right away? Why did the whole class have to know? Why did she try to force my child to hold her diarrhea? On many occasions my daughter has taken and accelerated math tests. When she brings them home we go over them to see what she missed and why. Several of the problems (computer graded) were marked wrong but were actually correct. I sent a note on the test back to the teacher with my child the next day. The teacher told her she didn't have time for her "c" word (crap) and to go sit back down. We have missed several activities at school such as fundraisers and t-shirt sales because we haven't received the papers. So ultimately this teacher is asked to voluntarily retire a couple months ago. Which seems to be a good thing since the reason is is that she was slapping the students. But no one ever contacted the parents. Random people have been teaching our kids and we have no idea. My daughter has come home and said her teacher hasn't been there that she's testing or at conferences. Then she comes home last week and said she was fired. Again last week at lunch an aid seen her throw a piece of paper on the floor and said with a smile "you can pick it up and go sit in the room during recess". My daughter was so upset. She realized she did something wrong, what she didn't realize is why the teacher was smiling about it. I have taught my kids its not funny for someone to get in trouble and the teachers are doing it to them. I have decided to move my children to a new school before my son gets in kindergarten and has to go through the same thing and before my daughter has to go through another year of this. Beside the fact that we will be moving closer to the next town because my husband works there and I go to school there. So I went to the superintendents office yesterday and told him all these things why I need my child released. He was very concerned about what was going on but simple told me the school wouldn't release them because they are worth $6000 each to the school. Not to me. I would rather get them out while I can which will prevent having to move them in the middle of the school year. Any suggestions would be extremely helpful. I am on the agenda to go in front of the school board on June 8th to attempt to persuade them to release my children. The superintendent said I would have about three minutes to talk but I shouldn't get my hopes up.


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iwouldnt stand for this thankfully uk education if your primary school isnt meeting yours or your childs needs you goto ofstead after meeting head teacher if that dosent work you can pull them out and put them in any school you like as long there is a school placement and you can get them there under your own steam.i would keep a diary of all the events thats happend and say to school board either realise my kids or go to see a lawyer and the press about the going ons at the school

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I am not sure what it is like where you come from but my children cross boundaries in order to go to school we are required to find our own way for the kids to get to school but it is all worth it on our part. I wouldn't take no for an answer threaten to go over the school boards head I am sure if you keep going up the ladder you will find someone who will listen to you. My son had issues of bullying in his gr. 1 class and I got told by his teacher that he needed to just walk away...he continually got bullied until we got tired of it and gave him our permission to fight back. When he did I got the phone call from the school because my son was fighting at school and I informed them that if they had done their job and dealt with the bullying problem when we first approached them he would not have had to fix the problem himself....we finished off that school year but moved him to a school where things are much better I did however have to fight with the school board to let me move my son.....I basically informed them that he would be going to his new school in the fall, all else fails get a post office box in the new town and have that as their address then they have to let them go.

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