Twins in the same classroom.

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I have twins a boy and a girl they started Kinder last week they were put in different classrooms but I told the principal to put them together so she did. Now my question is, Is it wrong to put twins together in the same class?


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Simone - posted on 09/15/2011




My son and niece are 3 months part, but if you met them you would think they were twins. And really raised as sibling as they call eachother brother and sister.
They started preschool in the same class. Stayed in same class till my neice's mom took her back for one year. After that we looked for another school cause they would never make friends just stuck close together. We found a school that was big enough for them to be appart. But still they did not make seperate friends. Both kids are very pretty and handsome, so tons of boys would talk to my son but it was to get to my niece and vis versa. In 8th grade my mom adopted my neice, I could not for other reasons, and the kids went to different schools. My son EXCELLED! For the first time in his life he has friends, his grades are good, and he feels like he no longer has to compete with his sister. She was always the straight A, highest State test scores, and even though she nor he would talk to others, they were considered the popular kids.
Not sure if that helps any, but I would have them in seperate classes, they get to be home together.

Carol - posted on 09/15/2011




As a twin, I'd recommend splitting them up. It will give them a chance to be known as individuals rather than a couple. It will also give them a chance to learn how to function without the other one there for support (or critique). Obviously, they'll have to do some things together, but try to keep them separated for as long as possible. We were separated until high school, when they only had one class offered for our level. They were my worst 4 years in school. We had the same group of friends since the 5th grade, but could get away from each other during school. In HS there was never a separation and my sister was overbearing and a constant bully. Not to say that either of yours will be mean.

Jodi - posted on 09/15/2011




I wouldn't say you are wrong, but I think they prefer to split them up so that they have the opportunity to develop friendships individually with other children, rather than only rely on each other for their socialising at school. I can understand why they would do this. However, I don't think it will be an issue in this first year at school. Perhaps, part way through the year, you should have a talk to their teacher and see what he/she thinks would be the best for next year.

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