Using Steroid creams for my babies' eczema...

Trisha - posted on 11/28/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )



5 son was born with severe eczema and I was prescribed this expensive steroid cream to use on his breakouts....I hated using it and although it did soothe his skin, I did not want to use it long term. I started talking to other moms and friends that had experienced the same issues with their children and they continued telling me to detoxify my home...stop using the bleach and mainstream cleaning products...I really did not listen for a long time...SO....I decided to go for it and one day completely de-toxified my home..I mean everything from my cleaners to bath/body products...and within one week, my son's skin was more horrible breakouts and I was able to throw away this awful steroid cream!!!

I am writing this, because I think it is awful that doctors prescribe this stuff when there is such a better/safer answer! I am so relieved and happy that I no longer have to worry and my son is safe!!! I had to share and wanted every mother that struggles with eczema to know that it does get better and you do not have to struggle nor do your children!


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Angie - posted on 11/30/2012




Great to hear! :) Steroids shouldnt be used long term anyways. It thins the skin. I have also heard that sometimes food allergies can cause skin issues.

Sandra - posted on 11/30/2012




That is great news . What products are you using for bath and laundry and cleaning around the home?

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