Weigh gain or lack there of (soon to be 10 yrs old)

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I have a wonderful little boy who is scarring the crap out of me right now. He has completely stopped growing, no weight or height gain in the last eighteen months. We started seeing a gastro doc for an unrelated problem, thought he might have celiac due to some food allergy testing results (came back negative) when the doc realized my ds had stop growing. He began doing a battery of tests and now six months latter still now gain and no answers. Now he's wanting to get a genetics consultation to check for metabolic disease and mitochondrial issues and giving serious thought to putting in a G-Tube for continuous night feedings. He is theorizing my ds system is running to fast and once we can get some weight on it should naturally come back online. That is if there ends up being nothing in the metabolic and gene testing.
Is this happening or has happened to anyone else? Is it possible to stop growing for a period of time then begin again like nothing ever happened? He has always been a slow gainer but was always around the twentieth percentile, now he is at the third and dropping. To give you an idea he is the size of an average seven and a half year old, but he is about to be ten in January.



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My son grew very fast until he was about 3.5 yrs old. He was taller than most 4 yr olds. But then he stopped growing for awhile. When he started preschool in Sept he was the shortest kid, but in March he was taller than those kids!! They all had big growth spurts over the summer and he didn't grow at all. After awhile he started growing but he will be 11 and is still in size 8 clothes. Then there is my middle child. She is 8 and is just going into size 6X clothes! She's always been petite and we are happy she is finally ON the growth chart! While my youngest will be 4 soon and has been in size 5 clothes for months. Each kid is different and they go thru growth spurts. I'd still have it checked out to make sure there is nothing wrong but he will probably start to grow soon.

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