What age is a good age for video games and scary movies!

Amanda - posted on 11/08/2010 ( 9 moms have responded )




My 7 year old son loves playing video games! He has a playstation, sega and xbox and for Christmas this year we are getting him the DS..I think that's what it's called! The little handheld gaming system with the pencil and all that! Well he is alloted to play the Xbox(his fave) only on the weekends..which he gets 2 hours a day to play...he usually splits that up throughout the day! He has ADD and already has a tough time concentrating, and I refuse to put him on medication because he is doing extremley well in school and I don't want to interrupt his schedule with medication that I don't think he really needs. He is also quite aggressive so I don't allow him to play any violent or fighting games. He gets to play Nickelodian games, or racing or sports which he has no problem playing. As for scary movies, I don't allow him to watch anything scary, because I'm afraid he'll have nightmares and he already gets scared easily even though he tries to play tough! I have 3 younger daughters as well, and thankfully they have no interest with video games or anything scary! I'm just wondering if anyone else has a son or daughter obsessed about video games, and what age do you think it's "ok" to allow them to watch scary movies? My son would love to watch them but I'm more scared of the outcome than him!


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Minet - posted on 08/01/2013




IMDB has a lot of information on specific movies and what type of things parents look for in movies. The parent section is a wealth of information on even the smallest things that MAY offend a parent. For instance, on the movie Rio, it mentions that a beach ball gets bounced off of a ladie's backside. It will tell you the amount of violence and what type it is. I watched Frankenweenie with my 7-y-o daughter and it upset her because it dealt with a death of a dog and it brought up memories of our dog that is no longer with us. You should try looking at some of the "mild" scary movies and start him with those. Follow his lead, though. If it looks like he's not ready, then he's probably not. Can't tell you anything about video games, tho. Hope this helps.

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my daughter is 11 now, and she has watched the following: The Shining, The Ring, Paranormal Activity, Cabin in the Woods, Drag me to Hell, the Pact, The Mist, Donnie Darko, and has read "The Shining" too. I let her watch those movies because she doesn't appear to be scared at all by anything. Let your son watch "Coraline" and "The Night Before Christmas, and if he is scared by that, wait a while, and show him scary movies again a few years later. As for video games, i agree with you, your 7 year old should be careful about that. Video games are really the things that make kids violent, and they're too complicated too, for such a little kid. you should wait for video games.

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The should when they're interested and you feel they're ready. There's no specific age that they *should* start.
Not to mention that each game and each movie should be separately previewed. I know when I was little (under 10) I used to watch a bunch of different, scary movies. I LOVED The Birds, Gremlins, The Witches, The Exorcist, Dracula, Pet Semetary, Jurassic Park, Species, Tales from the Crypt, Mimic, Psycho, Bride of Chucky, The Ring, House on Haunted Hill, etc. But there were a few, like Tremors (now one of my favorite movie series) that caused me MONTHS of horrible nightmares, even though I loved watching the show.
Judge your son for yourself, and make sure to preview games and movies before your son watches them. Find out what his weakness is. Horror is a fairly broad genre, so even if say, supernatural films may scare him, something more like a thriller or hacker/slasher film may not.
You know your son best :)

Just ETA
My 4yr old boy and 2yr old girl love to watch Coraline, Corpse Bride, and Nightmare Before Christmas, which I personally consider kind of kiddy horror. My son also loves to watch the TV show Bones with me and gets very interested in the bodies (not in a gruesome way, more like a curiosity/scientific way). So it really depends on the kids :)

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my 11 year old is watching horror movies with a lot of violence and profanity, and she is fine with it. 7 years old is a perfect age to start watching some movies like "The Birds" and "Psycho". If those movies scare your kid, then you should wait a while, but my daughter was watching thrillers when she was about that age. Your kid should watch horror movies at 7.

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Scary movies at the age of 7 is ridiculous and just wrong. They are too young to handle this and then they go to bed? No scary movies for children under 12 is my own opinion. Video games as long as you control the timing is fine and as long they are not violent. Keeping it around 2 hours on the weekend sounds logical. Hopefully he is enjoying sports and able to run around outside.

Lisa - posted on 10/24/2012




"The Shining, The Exorcist" - seriously???

"it’s a nice thing to blow some brains out sometimes and im quite sure he’ll like it." - you are joking, right?

Amanda, I'd continue going with what you are doing. Most of the cartoons (TMNT, Justice League, Teen Titans, etc) is voilent enough - IMO. Maybe a Harry Potter movie would be a good "scary" movie or Percy Jackson & the Lightening Thief....

Michini Mayoutau Sou - posted on 10/22/2012




Amanda, let him go!

I seriously think that you should consider trying sports IRL! Some kids with that condition are actually calmed by moving and doing things. This contributes to a good health which doesn’t come from sitting down all day.

Also you could let him watch some movies like, The Shining, The Exorcist. He should also play a lot of war games because it’s a nice thing to blow some brains out sometimes and im quite sure he’ll like it.

Candy - posted on 11/09/2010




I would let mine watch scary movies at 7. In fact she watched Coroline and that scared her she didnt even watch the whole movie. They all have ratings.

♏*PHOENIX*♏ - posted on 11/08/2010




My son who is also 7 (four months away from 8) is very obsessed with video games!!!

we started a new thing of no video games on weekdays…

My son is allowed to play age appropriate games….

As far as scary movies go, because his imagination is so vivid….i don’t let him watch really scary movies, but I do let him watch the thrillers.
As far as age goes….I think it depends on the child and parents…

My son had the Wii when it first came out, then the playstation, and recently the DS Lite….now he wants the DS (I) the one with a camera

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