What age is it too old to take a shower with me.

Shawn - posted on 05/26/2010 ( 7 moms have responded )




My 9 year old daughter still wants to take some showers with me, but not all the time. It's only sometimes. She enjoys us talking etc. I don't hide my body from her because I feel that I don't have anything that she doesn't. But at what age is it just WRONG to have her take showers with me. I have tried stopping it, but she just really enjoys it sometimes and it also saves time and water for us to just take one together. What should I do?


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Lillian - posted on 11/11/2010




My daughter turned 9 last January - I've showered with her constantly til this past summer, she was about 9 1/2. Now I only shower with her about once or twice a month. That's when we have time to talk about womanly things. She is well aware that she will be starting puberty within the next couple of years and what to expect. She understands about menses and that it is a function of life. We enjoy this as a time when the 'boys' of the house cannot bother us.

Sylvia - posted on 06/04/2010




If neither of you is uncomfortable, then there's nothing wrong with it, IMO. I wouldn't feel uncomfortable showering with my mom -- except, there's probably not room for both of us in a standard shower stall ;^)

If and when she becomes uncomfortable with it, she'll let you know.

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My 7yr old still takes showers with me but sometimes she wants to " shower" herself. Maybe if you sit with her for a little while she is in the shower and then tell her okay Im going to let you finish up, she will be satisfied because then she gets that little bit of conversation with you and the confidence to shower by herself and finish. Just a thought. Hope it helps.

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Christina I get the comments too, who would have thought that these little ones would have some powerful words to effect you huh... def puts a different meaning of the : sticks and stones saying lol

Alissa - posted on 06/01/2010




I would say by 12 it is just wrong or when puberty starts, which ever comes first. I agree with the other moms that if you are both comfortable then it is fine at this age.

Michelle - posted on 06/01/2010




I am going to say go with your gut and do what you feel is right. For me 9 is a little old to be showering with your kids, but I never bathed with either of my children....I think what she likes is the opportunity to talk with you and she feels she needs to have a shower with you to have those talks so I would set a time for the two of you to sit and have a heart to heart each week she just wants her mommy time undivided attention which she gets when you are in the shower.

Christina - posted on 05/26/2010




If she isn't feeling uncomfortable and you aren't either then there really isn't any time it's "wrong", as you said yourself you guys have the same parts. At some point before or during puberty she'll probably become more self-conscious about her body and will stop asking to get in with you. If you're uncomfortable you could say something like , "No I want to be alone - you always steal the hot water." or "I just want to relax"

My daughters constantly peek in the shower at me and say really uplifting things like "When I'm an old lady like you I'm not going to have hair down there because it's ugly" or "Mommy, when will my boobies be Down like yours are?" It's a wonder I have any self esteem left - LOL!

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