What are Grommets???

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My son who is four needs Grommets in his ears... but I'm not really sure what they are or what they do, can anyone help???? He was at the ear specialist in October and again today 26th January 2010. The specialist has said that the fluid build up has gotten worse and that he needs to see a ear consultant in the hospital to get these grommets... but his appointment isn't until July any idea's


Jodie - posted on 01/26/2010




i had grommets fitted as i'm partialy deaf in one ear! I was 6 when i had it done!! They are tiny plastic things the shape of an egg timer and they put them in the tube of the inner ear to help them stay open! In my case this was to try and stregthen a tube so i could hear, in your sons case it's so fluid can be let out!1 They normally fall out on their own when they have done their job!!! They will explain it all and probably show you some before they put them in.

Good luck hope this helps.

Deb - posted on 01/26/2010




Between now and July try getting him off of cow milk. Cow milk promotes the build up of mucus in your body this leads to "fluid build ups". Switch him to soy or very little milk at all. This may not solve the propblem but may help it.

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I do not know for sure but it sounds like the same thing as "tubes". They go in the ear canal so that fluid can drain out naturally. try to google it, you may find some more info. Good luck with your search and I will keep you all in my thoughts and prayers.


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