What are the feelings on parents with children being caregivers in the home

Kasey - posted on 01/11/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




Raising grandchildren in the same house with a grandmother who is failing.


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When I was a kids my mom cared for a older man Which I know. He passed away when I was eight. I remember it it was not to bad it is life they need to see what happens to the their grandparents. My mom is getting older nad she is disabled and not able to do most things so she lived with us a bit and now she live with her friend who helps her but they see her all the time. As long as you have room in your house and are able to give her the things she needs and your children are comfortable with every thing. You do need to sit down with them and ansewer any questions they might have. Also tell them what they might see and to expect if anything happens.

Also make sure your your mom will be comfortable I know that two much of my kids gets on her nervers also my grandma can only take so much also. I have to be careful with my grandma to because of colds can put her in the hospital. So be careful.

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Thats life and they should see it. When my mother in law was in hospital with alzheimers and later a stroke we took the children in to see her every day. Even when she went into a coma. It teaches them about life, some of their best memories of their nanny were when she was in hospital.

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