What are your chore/allowence systems?

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The kids I watch and my step-son (Who are only over on the weekends so this is a 2-3 day thing) do certain chores (2 a day) for "Pucca-bucks" which are our own little made up money that they use for things like game privileges, getting to drink pop or eat sweets. However because we only have them for 2-3 days at a time I don't give them real money right now. I am wondering about other parent's systems for chores V. allowances.

1.Are your allowances tied to chores? Some or all?

2.Do those with allowances tied to chores get "family chores"? (Chores not tied to allowance, and must be done)

3.If not tied to chores, how to you manage whether or not they get their allowance? is it just a given or do they have to earn it by behaving or in some other way?

4.I have heard between $.50 and $1.00 a week per age for allowances, what is your take on this? too much? not enough?

5. Does anyone else do what I do? Where children have to earn privileges like game time or the ability to drink pop or eat sweets?

6. If your allowances are tied to chores, how do you handle the "How much do I get for it?" or the "I got money from grandma/birthday card so don't need to do that chore for money."

7. Do you (as a family) advocate charity with allowances? If so is it mandatory or optional?

(I ask because we plan to adopt when we do have children, so we will be starting out at an age where allowances matter, and the policy that works for 2 days every 2 weeks may not work for an everyday thing)


Katherine - posted on 03/22/2012




1. Allowances are tied to chores

2. Yes, there are certain things my 6 and 3 year old have to do that aren't tied to allowances. Like pick up their clothes and clean up after themselves. They get an allowance for keeping their play rooms neat.

3. They get a dollar a week

4. I don't do what you do but I love the idea. I think it's great and I might start doing it.

5. I haven't encountered the "I got money from Grandma" thing yet, but when I do that money is going straight to their bank accounts.

6. I think charity would be optional. They have those things you can donate for a dollar. If my 6 year old wanted to do that I would let her.

I think you have great ideas and questions. And I think it's really important to teach your kids these responsibilities early on. I also like rewards charts. More positive reinforcement rather than negative discipline.

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