what can i use as mattress protection.

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what can i use as mattress protection. my 7 years old daughter pee's sometimes in her bed


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Try child friendly pull-ups for night-time accidents. Your daughter will probally outgrow this developmental stage as her bladder control increases. You can also use a thin plastic dropcloth (Walmart .99cents) under the sheet and towels on top of the sheet to catch the overflow.


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hey Girls,
I did a lot of research when I was pregnant with my first son and a couple of things you need to make sure you look for when looking for a mattress protector:

- Make sure it has cotton terry surface ( you don't want to be sleeping in Vinyl. It sleeps hot and makes a lot of noise)
- Make sure the brand is phthalate free
- make sure is a fitted shit style so is easy to be removed ( you don't want to spend half an hour removing a zipper cover from your mattress everytime your kids have an accident)

I purchased mine on Amazon 2 years ago from Saferest and I am very satisfied with my choice. Their price is great compared to the ones offered on stores.

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At JC Penney I bought a Vinyl mattress cover it's pretty much a vinyl water proof bag you slip your mattress into and zip up they r awesome I had one in my daughters crib and never did it leak to her mattress. It can make a little bit of noise so I put a regular mattress cover over top of it.

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they sell mattress protectors in the bedding area. you can get either the vinyl (didnt like them because they're noisy, but liked the easy clean up) or the cloth ones (i liked, but clean up wasnt as easy as the vinyl)

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Great little trading company do a White half sheet thing with no plastic in. It holds loads of wee and is washer and tumble dryer safe. My son wore pyjama pants til he was 8,every morning they were damp. They'll get there in the end. Hope this helps

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What I found was in walmart in their bedding section; its a mattress cover that you slip the whole mattress into ( designed more for "bug" protection) we have used it and its so easy and isn't noisy when my son sleeps, it also helps to keep his mattress clean and pee stained free.

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They make waterproof mattress pads. Look is any bedding dept. of any store. Walmart is probably the cheapest and they also are not noisy plastic usually.

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We actually have a couple of rubber sheets, but they are towelling on top, so you don't even notice them on the mattress. They are also machine washable, which is great. We were able to purchase them just from a homewares store.

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Go to your local pharmacy and get bed pads. Can put under the sheet, on top of the mattress. It will absorb w/out ruining the mattress.

I used them when I was potty training, and then again when my oldest had kidney issues that were causing him to lose control at night.

I don't know if they sell "rubber" sheets anymore...LOL...that was what my mom used...but I'd think that would be uncomfortable as all get out.

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