What do u do when it seems like your kids would rather be with their dad.


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Merenda - posted on 07/12/2010




Usually kids love their dad more than their mom because they ususally spend more time with their Mom and less with their dad, which means that they fight with their mom more often then their dad.I would suggest that you spend more quality time together by doing something fun that the kids enjoy,put their interest first, protect them,stand by dad and of course be open with them.

Lika - posted on 07/12/2010




let them dads are usually the fun guy and moms are more at the business end the more time theyre together the more likely pops is gonna have to handle some business

Angie - posted on 07/03/2010




My kids went through the same stage - and sometimes still do (they are 17, 12, 9). Daddy tends to be more daring and physical. He'll jump on the tramp with them, wrestle with them, take them hiking in areas I'm not so comfortable with. I will take them shopping, bake with them, do yard work and around the house fix-ups. They prefer whoever is doing what they want to do. Sometimes this will go on for a month or more at a time. What a blessing your husband is to your children. Enjoy your time alone while this stage is in progress, it'll change before you know it!

Angelica - posted on 07/03/2010




it depends on the situation. are you living with the dad?? if not then they probably just miss him and should be alowed to see him more often unless its not safe. If dad lets them do things that you don't you should talk with him and come to a understanding about parenting the child.
If you do all live together, it's a stage that will pass. Just let it go and soon enough they will want you more than dad. Does dad work allot? Do you? If dads at work most of the time then its normal to want to be with him when he's home, if you are away allot at work then they may just be used to dad being there all the time and so go to him when they need someone. Either way it's a stage. If the child is old enough try to talk to them and find out why, or maybe schedual some super fun mommy time. If not just take them out for the day and have a blast with them to show them mommy can be fun too. If nothing else works then just let it be, it will pass, and it is a great thing that your kids can have a good relationship with their dad, when so many dads today don't want anything to do with their kids. best of luck hun!

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