What do you do if your 3rd grader played in the 5th grade band concert with no acknowlegement?

Tricia - posted on 01/28/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




My youngest son played tonight in the 5th grade band.. he's in 3rd grade the only acknowlegment he got from the school was his name in the program like all the other kids.. At least they could have put his grade level after his name or made an announcement. But nope nothing he has worked very hard for this.. I know he feels not important as he has said so, how do I make him feel better??? Not only was he not acknowleged, but his seat was in the middle of the stage right behind the teacher so all you saw was his arm if you were lucky. Is it too much to ask that when the kids do well we let them know???


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Believe me as long as your child knows hows well he has done by you thats whats most important and how everybody there loved watching all of the children in the band and how talented the all are.

It wouldn't of been fair to single one child out its all about being together and playing as a one in the band.That's how the school see there pupils.

Wow only in 3rd grade and playing along side the 5th grade thats an excellent achievement.well done to him:)

Heather - posted on 01/28/2010




I don't think it's a big deal that the school didn't make a big deal out of him. There were a lot of kids up there with parents that think their kid is pretty special, right? You go ahead and make a big deal out of it, I would. I wouldn't expect anyone else to though. Did they put the age of the other children in the program and not put his? I think you should enjoy your sons accomplishment and celebrate it and make him feel special. One thing I've learned is that nobody thinks my kids are as wonderful as I do. I always expected teachers to tell me they've never met such a special kid but then reality set in, all of these kids are special. To the school, your kid is just one of many. He's only perfect in your eyes. ;)

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