What do you do with your child's teeth once they fall out?

Kristin - posted on 10/23/2012 ( 10 moms have responded )




I have a hard time letting things go if they have anything to do with my boys "firsts" and was wondering what you fellow parents do with lost baby teeth. My son just lost his front tooth this evening and i kinda felt weird that i have a pocket full of baby teeth in his keepsake book. ;) Do you keep them or throw them out? Just curious! Thanks!


Barbara - posted on 11/15/2012




I do have a keepsake box of their hair and newspaper clippings when they were first born but I did not save their 1st tooth because I did not think they would survive. As they were growing and their teeth would fall out I told them to stick the tooth under their pillow for the tooth fairy. So while they were asleep the tooth fairy would take their tooth in exchange for money. They would be happy with $1.00 bill under their pillow. That is how we handle it.

Gwen - posted on 10/28/2012




There is a website called ultimatetoothfairy.com that has free tooth fairy letters you can download as well as certificates and you can pick your fairy. They also have really cute tooth pillows. As for the teeth, I found a tooth book that diagrams each tooth lost ad well as pockets to hold each tooth with space to write in dates, etc.


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I have kept all of my sons and a few from my step sons :) Have them put up someplace safe. I would like to have mine I think it would be cool

Lisa - posted on 11/15/2012




Hi Kristin,

Like you after the tooth fairy has done her part I have a secret possy for them as well.

My mum always kept ours which I discovered later in life ,so I suppose I'm just following tradition. I didi enjoy finding them when I was older and looking a them if that counts for anything.

Marsha - posted on 10/30/2012




I have them in a box under my scrapbooking table along with her binkie, lock of hair from the first hair cut and tons of other things. This is the one nice thing about having an only

Pamela - posted on 10/27/2012




I always threw teeth away. I kept hand and footprints when they were born and a lock of hair from the first hair cut. Lots of pictures as they grew up, of course.....otherwise...why?

Look at it this way....keep the things that one day you will give to the child for their memories. Would you yourself want your old baby teeth?

Sherri - posted on 10/25/2012




The tooth fairy doesn't take their teeth, she leaves it under their pillow w/their dollar.

Sherry - posted on 10/23/2012




my daughter likes to keep her own teeth, and even goes so far as to leave a note for the 'tooth fairy' every time she loses a tooth, asking if she could have the money AND keep the tooth, lol. yeah...... this tooth fairy lets her keep them. no idea where she puts them though. i'm sure i'll find a little box around the house some day, years down the road, full of bitty baby teeth.

'tooth fairy' did take the first tooth though. that one i have tucked safely in her 'first tooth / first lock of hair' keepsake box.

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