what foods have the same as meat requirements

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my 6yr old daughter doesn't really like her meat does anyone know of any other foods that can top up on what she is missing in meat ...


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The most difficult thing to replace is iron. And iron from meat is most efficiently absorbed by the body. Other sources are not as effective, but eating Vitamin C along with those sources helps with absorption.

Cream of Wheat (Farina) - has 50% of Daily Value & many other beneficial thing including protein.

Many cold cereals are fortified w/iron - cheerios are great for that. Life cereal & Kix are good sources of iron and relatively healthy, too.

Blackstrap molasses - GREAT way to boost iron in foods. Just add a tbsp to hot cereals.


Green leafy veggies (spinach, kale)

Green veggies (broccoli, asparagus)

Dried fruits (raisins, prunes)

Tofu (not as good for iron but great for protein)


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any kind of legume is a good source of protein and vitamin B12 - I think also iron. We put kidney beans into taco mix, lentils into soups and stews, cannellini beans into stews etc. You can add these to just about anything. Tofu is great too - it has iron and protein.

You need to substitute either legumes, nuts or tofu into any meal you would usually serve meat. You also need to watch her iron levels. It might be worth getting a supplement, as iron is really important for growing bodies and brains.

Nuts can be high in fat, so don't use these every day. Also give her vitamin C (like orange juice) with the iron to help absorption, and avoid caffeine for 2 hours after giving iron (I'm sure you don't give her coffee, but it also means no cola, no chocolate etc as well). Goodluck!

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Too much protein can be bad for a kid. But Schmoopy's right that iron is important. Start making some fun salads like baby spinach and strawberries with raspberry vinigarette. That's one of my daughter's favourites and she can be picky at times.

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Is it just red meat? Or does she have an adversion to chicken and fish too?
Any nuts will have the same amount of protein. Same with tofu- and you can manipulate tofu to taste like anything you want.

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