What is the appropriate age to start karate lessons?



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I dont really think that there is an appropriate age.. the question is whether or not you think the focus is going to be there, Lexy was in tae kwon do and there were kids at 4. Usually the master( teacher) does well with getting the kids tp pay attention and gets the kids to interact with eachother and lessons taught.

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My son started Taekwondo (which is a Korean Martial Art heavily influenced by Karate) just before he turned 5. They have a "Little Tigers" program for 4-5 year olds which covers the White Belt curriculum, and is taught a little slower and with a bigger focus on achieving goals and making it fun. He loved it, and we love what it does for him.

When he earned his Yellow Belt, he graduated to the regular program with all age kids. He is one of the youngest, and always the smallest, but he is super confident and has already won 2 trophies against kids up to 3 years older than he is!

He has been in the program for 9 months now ans will be testing for his Green Belt (His 3rd earned belt) at the end of this month.

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My daughter started karate lessons at the age of 5 years old. She was enrolled at the YMCA and the karate teacher there allowed her to attend classes even though he only taught ages 6 and up. He did say that he was checking to see how mature she was to handle it, otherwise he would not be able to take her due to age..

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I think they should start bout 5-6 cause if they are older they might lose interest.

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