What should I do about kiddos sneaking sweets? Having fruit roll ups and granola bars are a necessity in my home. How do I hold children accountable?


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My kids are Big snackers but its Fresh fruit and Raw veggies and cheese sticks. They can get into the fridge at any time and eat those items without asking. Anything else they have to ask. But we don't keep granola and fruit snacks in the house if we did I am sure we would have that issue. My kids know that we eat food to keep us healthy not because we are board.

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I have given my boys a snack box each in the pantry and i have made a rule that they must ask me first but the way i got them to accept the rule was with a rewards chart so if they asked they got a sticker and when they filled there chart next time we went shopping the would be able to get a reward/toy worth $5 it worked

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offer fruit and veggies, all they want. And yes what Kate has said, keep the other snacks up high and tell them that they can only eat their snacks at the table. My sons are only allowed 1 granola bar a day, 1 fruit bar, and so on, but they are allowed to eat whatever fruit and veggies they want.I hope this helps, Good luck.

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Here's what I did. My oldest daughter is a major snacker. So since I didn't want to put a padlock on the fridge I set up a daily box. I put her daily snacks in the box. She could take what she wanted out of her box to snack on but when it was gone it was gone. An important thing to remember if you do this is to make sure the rest of the snacks are put away where they can't reach them. I also made a rule that eating could only be done in the kitchen. I find she doesn't want to snack as much if she has to sit at the table and just have a snack, instead of running around outside with food or watching tv while eating. I hope this helps. Good Luck!

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