What should I do!? I tried everything in my part as a mom.

Victoria - posted on 01/19/2010 ( 3 moms have responded )




Okay!!! I don't like the idea of how the schools in TN having 2 wks off when it come to Fall, Winter and Spring! It makes my son doesn't want to go back to school anymore. It all started after Winter break! Last week He missed few days of school b/c he had bronchist. He suppose to return back today and turns out he said he doesn't want to. He said in my face he don't like school anymore, its not fun. Kids push him around and all of these stuff he's saying. I asked him if he mention to his teacher yet, he said no. That's what the teacher are there for, to protect you and other kids too. He also doesn't listen to me whenever I give him his punishment. When I said no video games, tv, or play w toys... I was serious. I had to take the games away from him, believe it or not...he still find a way behind my back and go play the toys. I have already disclipined him and he still disrepect me. He's 5yrs old!!! I feel like he's in middle school to act like this. I just don't know what else to do. I have ran out of options for him. I am thinking take him to school EARLY tmrw morning to see if his teacher OR his princpal talk with him. Who I go to first? I was thinking to go teacher so I can go one step at time on the ladder. Other than that I need your advice! :-\


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You should always talk with a teacher first, especially if there is bullying going on. When my son was that age, he didn't want to go to school, he was bored, he felt intimidated by the other students. (many reasons) I talked to his teacher when I picked him up on a daily basis as friends. Be friends with your child's teacher if you can. Just chat..you don't have to go places together, but talk one on one, email, let her know you want to know how to help. The school counselor can help if he is feeling left out, or intimidated too...the counselor can encourage with techniques to cope and work out feelings.

I think the negative behavior towards you could be that your son blames the whole school thing on you. He's probably feeling angry with you for sending him to school away from his safe home with his toys and things...they can get pretty angry with us for sending them off into the world. The day before school our son ran to his room screaming that he was going to "take a hammer and break down the school!" he also wrote "I hat skool" on his stomach with a sharpie...we told him he needed school to learn to spell hate and school...he launched into another crying screaming hissy fit. Our son has resisted growing older at every single step...lose a tooth..cry he doesn't want to get older....passes a grade...cries he doesn't want to grow up....facing middle school next year...OMG it just goes on!!!

In truth the "kids don't like me" wasn't true...he was just feeling insecure. He gets on his pitty pot ...we all feel the everybody hates me thing. "the guys bossing me around" was because our son had been the leader of the game the day before. When you talk to the teacher, you find out another side and can question him better....when he says "everybody hates me!" you can say...well what about (name of kid the teacher told you he plays with) ? Does he hate you? Well what about? (toss out another name) You need to help him see how much he is doing now that he is a "big boy"

it won't get easier...you'll just get more experience

Kathy - posted on 01/19/2010




i would say teacher first then principle give it a week or so and see if the teacher gets thorugh if not next step is principle had to do the same with my 6 year old hes 6 going on 15 lol It worked but after principle hope this helps you.

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Most typically the etiquette is to go to the teacher first, unless it is the teacher that you have a problem with. But if it is really out of hand, like it kinda sounds, I would request a sit down with the teacher, principal and the school guidance counselor. All of them should be able to give you an idea of what to do and what may help. If it is a good school system they shouldn't have a problem listening to you and helping you out the best they can.

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