What to do about a shy child showing no signs of change?

Nicole - posted on 09/23/2011 ( 1 mom has responded )




What help is out there? I am a single mum(2 years only) of one 9 year old boy. He has always been a shy kid and its begining to interfere with his school work and general everyday tasks.
He is also having trouble at school with reading mainly. By this age if you cant understand by reading at school what you have to do, its hard to get the answers right. If its explained to him as in homework when i read questions to him then its fine but exams are not the same. This was evident in a maths exam.. he knows the work but didnt reflect in his marks...he has had a reader for some tests but if he is to shy to ask for help then what?? its not just the reading! Ok Im going in circles not even making sense to myself! I need advice on how to help him! By the way he is not shy at home with me (of course) defiant and rude sometimes ..lack of respect and especially bedtime is tuff! I have kept him in a soccer team for the past 5 years hoping to help him socially with interaction , but not as helpful as i had hoped!
I find even in large groups of people he isnt comfortable ..more of a one on one kid! this means not going to birthday parties etc. as he wont join in and constantly sits by my side!
someone help!! anyone have similar problems or suggestions?


Tisha - posted on 09/23/2011




I had the same problem my 8 year old has reading and wrighting problems and She shy its hard for her to make friends. And she wont ask for help. I went to the school talk to them. They work with her as much as they can. I also found someone to come to the house to help her, I put her in Counseling and she also go's to grop's every week and grope helps with making friends there other kids in the grope that are just like her. You have to do whats best for him and that u think is the right thing to do. I hope this help's at least a lil bit sorry if it didn't

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