What to do with our 4 year old daughter @ bedtime?

Wendy - posted on 09/14/2011 ( 1 mom has responded )




Im at my wits ends with our daughter! I will admit that I have spoiled her since birth (she was a preemie) and there after she came home from the hospital. Now 4 years old, I have spoiled her to where I had let her stay in our bed since she was a toddler and present. She normally sleeps with me when daddy is away for 1/2 a month and when he comes home she is to stay in her own bed but fights with me at bedtime and screams and cries till I give in. Mind u right now because we live in a two bedroom apartment, her and brother(8 years old almost) are sleeping in the same room but have their own beds. We are saving for a house right now but for right now, this is what it has to be. Ive been trying to keep the kids on a routine (both are in school) and that daddy is home, it doesnt happen . Im at my wits ends on what and how to deal with our darling daughter. Please help!


Rochell - posted on 09/15/2011




I go through almost the same thing :-)) My husband is truck driver, so he gone quite a bit. My son just started Pre-K and he is 4. He goes every day all day, and when daddy comes home we like our bed to ourselves. Even though he has his own room, own bed, tv, etc., he sleeps with me when Dad is not home, but we have it down to when Dad is home, he will sleep on the couch. Why he won't sleep in his bed is beyond me, but at least the privacy is nice and he is willing to sleep on the couch. Have you offered her any other place? I used to make a bed on my bedroom floor for my son, but he didn't like the floor which he then upgraded to the couch... slowly but surely hopefully he'll go to his own bed! Good luck!

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