Whats a good age to start giving allowance

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My children are 4 and 7 (boy and girl) I want to start teaching them responsiblility... I would like to know what age is good or am I adding pressure on them to soon?


Kryss - posted on 01/28/2010




Well my son turned 8 when i started giving him allowance..i was a sah (stay at hom mom) i didnt have alot for him to do bc i was just use to doing it all myself. So if he picked up his room, made his bed, brushed his teeth, and picked up his laundry and putting them in the correct places...he would get 5 dollars ...or 25 a mth. Now that hes ten he gets ten dollars a week...and he manages to do all that is required of him....to me just depends wht your children do and are responsible for....sometimes i give him odd jobs and give him a little extra...my momma use to say i got my allowance everytime i put my feet under th table..lol but, my son is a penny pincher and he gets so excited! abt the chores that he has requirements on now. Hope this helps. I dont think there is a age too early to start i guess if they can pick up their toys they are well aquired for allowance:)

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