When should I have my 11 year old daughter change out of little kid clothing?

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she is started middle school this year. I see other kids her age shaving, wearing mascara, and more adult clothing. I have been keeping her in the younger child mode and want to know when I have to let it be.


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The age for "middle school" varies, and it might make a difference in this situation. But in general, if she's asking to wear different clothing, wear makeup, shave her legs, etc, then it might be time for you to let up a little bit, within reason. Obviously, she still shouldn't wear anything (either clothes or makeup) that you find inappropriate. Often girls get laughed at for not shaving their legs, so I would definitely allow that if it's bothering her. Better that you teach her how to do it right so she doesn't cut herself.

On the other hand, if she's not asking to change, I'd let her be a little girl for as long as she likes. She'll be a teenager soon enough, no need to rush her.

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Wearing makeup at that age is really a no-no but sometimes the shaving of legs and underarms start earlier. There is no need for her to wear very grownup clothing but there are things for her age that are just as good.

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How does your daughter feel about it? What grade does middle school start for you? Is she in grade 6 or 7?

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