When should you start talking about sex with your children?

Amanda - posted on 11/07/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )




My bf and I have very different opinions on this subject. I believe as soon as children start asking questions about sex you should give age appropriate answers and explanations to ensure an open and ongoing discussion, and he feels young children should know NOTHING about sex. Curious to see other parents/moms views....


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Mallory - posted on 01/07/2018




At what age? When they start to ask questions, if they are young give them just a little bit like the bear minimum... if they are younger just say something like “ Well when me and your dad( daddy, pops, dada, ect...) love each other a baby just poofs! And appears!. But when they reach the age of 10-12 give them a little info like what a V and what a P is. Also whenever your child is mature enough or to not laugh or be gagging and throwing up, you should tell them and have a small, and brief conversation about it. I suggest after school going for Starbucks or ice cream or Dutch Bros. Is a perfect time to talk to them about it real quick and not have it be too too long and awkward. You shouldn’t talk to your kid about sex until you feel like they are ready. And when you feel like you are ready and when they are ready start it out with small conversations like 5-10 minutes then each time go up by a few minutes until the you and or people talking about it with your kid are ready for open questions.

Rhonda - posted on 11/07/2009




Give honest, age appropriate information as they ask the questions! By having a constant dialogue with your children, you're creating lines of communication that will become invaluable as your children get older! Believe me you want to be the one answering their questions not their friends!

Shelly - posted on 11/07/2009




That's a loaded question. A lot, obviously, depends on the age. We have 2 daughters, 6 1/2 and 4. Some questions have come up that were generated from something they've overheard, or seen, or from their friends with much older siblings, etc... Our personal way to deal with it is just like you. We give the BEAR MINIMUM answer relative to their age. They are usually fine with that and move on. If they keep asking and are starting to get a little too detailed, THEN we'll play the "that's a grow-up thing" card. Personally, I feel like you need to open the doors of communication with everything as early as you can, but its up to you to decide where to draw the line. To each his own though...

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