why does my 4 year old girl only wet the bed at home??

Becki - posted on 05/02/2009 ( 7 moms have responded )




I have 2 girls 8mnths and 4 half and my eldest wets the bed, she sleeps at her nannys houses on the weekend (we need the break!) and sleeps all night and always has a dry bed but as soon as she comes home she wets the bed every single night and i dont understand why!
Does anyone have a similar problem??
I put her in nappies still and they`re always wet in the morning..i`ve tried lifting her before i go to bed and shes still wet, she doesnt seem to wake when she needs a wee :-(
Any advice? x x x


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My son is 5 nearly 6 and unfortunately I know this is NOT what you want to hear but also wets the bed/pants/pj's we have tried reward system for when he isn't wet, we tried ignoring the behaviour in case it was the negative attention he wanted (some children want attention no matter what) but the last straw came when we went away for 4 days and he stayed at his Nanny's he didn't wet himself or the bed any of those days!!

I know when children have a cold feel under the weather some children do wet that can't be helped, we thought our son was wetting in the night, we have since found out that he just doesn't get up, he waits in bed, wets himself unless one of us (his parents :)) get up then he will get up,

we had a little chat and he said he was scared of monsters and the dark, so we got him a torch he leaves on his cupboard a little lamp (that we leave on all night!) and we both made a monster stick (toilet /kitchen roll, stuffed with rice and tissue paper that he chose around it), the monster stick worked for a couple of days but then he just went back to wetting, (though he does keep it close by!) he keeps saying it's because he's scared of the dark

we are also at our wits end, I just wanted to post this so you know your not alone, I hope maybe something I put here will help you and you won't be like we are still!!

We have given him this week (until friday) to not wet, but it has not made a difference at all, so now we are going to take the mattress of his bunk bed and put it underneath (it's one of those storage ones, you know ladder to get to the top and corner desk underneath) on the floor to see if that helps, because I know when he needs to go he needs to go NOW so maybe just the getting down the ladders may just be a little bit too long,

I hope to solve this before he is 6!! Also I have no help from the doctors for this, he has no water infection or anything like that they just keep saying try the reward system,

what makes it more annoying is I'm a Teaching Assistant and I worked in nursery's and have managed to get some children to stop wetting etc but not my own child?! arghh,

on another note if your still struggling maybe get the child's iron checked out, this is why my son has reverted back, because he had iron deficiency anemia (he grows too fast, it's not because I don't feed him right ;)) Anyway thanks for letting me feel like I am not the only one and sorry for such a LONG reply and GOOD LUCK!!!!!! I'm even considering getting one of those buzzer things that wakes your child up..that's how desperate I am!


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I have a 5 year old grandaughter and a 7 year old granson who always pee there beds at home but never when they stay with me......I stop all fluids an hour before before bed and it works...I also have them sleep in the bedroom that is beside the bathroom...I leave there door slightly open and leave the bathroom light on

But as soon as they get home it starts...the older boy sneaks drinks all day and hides the evidence in his closet or wherever he can...so does the 5 year old...I trully believe its the pull up and sheet covers that let them do it...they know there is no reason to get up because Mom will just wash the sheets

If it ran in the family that might be a reason but my daughter was out of diapers before 3 years using the potty seat....
There should never been shame attached or punishment.....it needs to just be natural...I just wish they could not pee at home...I have told my daughter what I do but when the sneak drinks all day its a given there nights will be wet..

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I have three boys, my eldest and middle child went dry about the same time - about 8yrs and 6yrs old. My youngest has gone dry at night aged 4. So having a 4 year old still wetting the bed is really nothing to worry about yet! However all three will on occasion have an accident at night - especially when they are very tired and just don't seem to wake up! Hang on in there - a wise health visitor once said to me 'How many adults do you know who wet the bed? They will all get there in the end and its not a race!' Hope this helps.

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hi, i think maybe she sleeps better at home rather then at her nannys.. Another reason may be she is less embarassed about it at home rather then her nannys... I think patience is the best things, i think it will get better soon..

Becki - posted on 05/05/2009




thank you for the reply! i think it probably is that she doesnt sleep as soundly at her nans as she does at home, she does really want to be dry though.. my HV said that if shes not dry at night by about 6 there are things they can do!
It is really frustrating, ive got an 8 month old too so ive got it all to come with her too! xx
Joys of motherhood! xx

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My son is also 4 and he wets his pull-up at night also. We have tried everything and the doctor says he just isn't ready to go all night yet, (they claim it is very normal!) We have had weeks where he won't wet the pull-up for the whole week and then he will go 2 weeks straight with it being soaked everyday! I feel your frustration because I am there too! We have a calendar next to his bed and we mark it every morning with either a drop mark (for him being wet) or a smiley face (for him being dry) this has helped to make him aware of it and he really wants it to be dry but honestly I don't think he can control it. I make sure that my reaction to him being wet is not to upsetting to him because he is sad that it happens.

As for your daughter being dry at her nannies house, I am not sure if is just by chance or it is possible that she is not sleeping as soundly there as she does at home! Whatever the reason I think you just need to be patient and hope that it changes soon! Good Luck

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