Why dont kids eatlunch at school

Krystal - posted on 11/22/2012 ( 9 moms have responded )




My daughter has been for the last three year since she started into school not eating lunch, shes gone through it all brining it all home, thrown it out and said she ate it, ate all the good snacks(were talking granola bars- no candy or fruit snacks) and nothing else. I am getting to the end of my rope and I am running out of ideas. She has made her lunch every day since half way through kindergarden(with a little help from me) and then grade 1 and 2 its all her. Ive tried not leting her eat anything till the next meal, ive tried limiting what he takes, ive tried meals and snacks, ive tried punismet(no tv or games) i just dont know what to do anymore. Weve discused how important it is to eat healthy, so that she can learn and grow. Please help


Vivienne - posted on 11/23/2012




Do not stress about it if she is still growing, healthy and able to concentrate at school. Of course she would rather be playing with her friends than eating lunch. Just let her pack a healthy smaller amount. If she comes home with it not eaten, she has to eat that before anything else she has. My daughter in law does that and it tends to work. If you pick her up from school in the car let her eat it in the car going home. Put a blanket over the seat if you are worried about the mess. She might also be pushing your buttons for your reaction so do not make a big thing out of it - just state firmly that she has to eat that before she has anything else. Explain to her that food is expensive and it is not thrifty to keep throwing it away and you will not do that anymore. Be firm but do not over react - she will not starve herself! xxx


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Katie - posted on 11/26/2012




My very active daughter is the same, eating very little if nothing all day...we have seen a nutritionist, discussed it with her at great lengths , had her pack her own lunches or even buy school lunch....not much luck at all....this is a control issue at the end of the day...i can not control what she decides to eat....i worry about my not yet nine year old having issues with food...since most of us do......

Shannon - posted on 11/25/2012




I went and had lunch with my daughter at school, they give these kids, at least at her school and others I have heard, only 10 minutes from start to finish to eat. I know some kids aren't eating because they need more time, embarrassed to eat in front of others or something else. I know my daughter will fake that she is going to be sick if she doesn't like what they are having for lunch or she just doesn't want to eat, it works too. So might look further and see if she is being teased, concerned about eating around other kids or just doesn't want to eat. I know not much help. Good Luck.,

Pamela - posted on 11/25/2012




Generally all public schools, and private ones, have school counselors who are paid to help children with their own problems at school. Schedule a meeting with the counselor and your daughter's school and ask that the counselor meet with your daughter separately before the joint meeting to determine anything that they feel would be worth adding to the conversation.

Sometimes it can be a simple emotional issue that is easily solved. Start there, hopefully you will not need to go any further.

The highest and best to all concerned!

Aimee - posted on 11/23/2012




My son, who is now in 2nd grade, has done that from the beginning. In kindergaden, he would come home with a completly full lunch box. He's not a breakfast eater either. So he was going from wasing up til he got home without eating anything. It got to the point where I had to write a note to his teacher to make her aware of the situation. So she had him eat half his sandwich at snack time and the other half at lunch. His school also has the policy where they have to sit and eat for a certain amount of time until the whistle blows. This makes no difference to my son. I asked him if he just watched everybody else eat and he said sometimes. He is too worried about getting out on that playgroung, food is not important until we r in the car on the way home and he's starving. I said well maybe if u ate your lunch u wouldn't b so hungry. I have even threated to come up there at lunch time and sit with him or make him stay in class during lunch to make sure that he eats. He didn't like those ideas, but nothing has changed.every once in a while he will eat.a lot more than normal buti think its just a phase that they will outgrow, hopefully. Until then as long as he's healthy and growing, its just yet another thing to worry about. Best of luck to u. Especially with a girl, you have to watch for eating disorders and so many other things that aren't as common with boys.

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My daughter does the samething and she is in 4th grade and it's more important for her to play then to really sit and eat the food. I think it's just normal for them.

Amanda - posted on 11/22/2012




I think kids get so wrapped up in playing they can forget to eat.

My sons school have a policy where at lunch time, the first 15 mins the kids have to sit down and eat. Once the 15 mins is up a bell rings and they can go and play.

Dove - posted on 11/22/2012




If it's been 3 years and she's still eating at other times and still growing.... I'd say she's just fine. Let her pack a small bit of stuff that is healthy and that she likes and tell her whatever she packs... she has to eat... and then let it go. If she doesn't eat it at school, she can eat it at home after school. Don't let her keep throwing away food, but don't stress about it. Some kids just aren't comfortable eating at school, but can make up for it before and after school.

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