why is my 5 year old so rough with his older sisters?


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Laurie - posted on 06/28/2010




First, make sure that he is not being influenced by TV, movies, computer games, friends that are too rough or older siblings that are too rough. Secondly, Is his diet healthy? (ie: sugar and zero nutrition foods kept to a minimum, yet lots of good food instead that are not loaded with fat or sugars or artificial colors or preservatives.) Some children are just super sensitive to these things. Thirdly, does he get enough exercise? Does he have a place to climb trees, run the bases, exercise, roller blade, ride bike, and burn that energy? Fourthly, instruct the ENTIRE household what is acceptable tussling, teasing, wrestling, whatever. Sometimes especially sisters, can tease and taunt to the point of totally frustrating a younger brother so that he is provoked beyond control. (I have eight children) Make sure he knows he can appeal to you when this happens so that you can train the sisters to not provoke, as well as teach him how to respond when it does happen, if that is indeed what is happening. Make the boundaries clear as well as the consequences for everyone in the family. This is the time to get it under control while he is young and so very impressionable and resilient. Consistency and clarity makes the training quick and effective. God bless your efforts.

Valerie - posted on 06/27/2010




usually because someone is being rough with him, tv influence, seeing others act roughly...set clear boundaries about how we treat one another and a consequence for not abiding by it...ask him, what is the rough stuff about? and then listen...be gently yet firm with your expectation and consequence...all the best

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