why my 8 yr old always hits her 5 year old sister


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Klara - posted on 06/04/2011




My girls fight for many different reasons... my older daughter is 11 and gets frustrated because her sister gets into her things and doesn't like to leave her alone. My younger daughter gets frustrated because our older daughter tries to tell her what to do all the time. My girls both get jealous of each other if either gets attention form me or my dh and the other doesn't. I have to be careful to spend time with both of them so no one feelds left out. Making sure my girls get time with us apart from each other and just time apart period to prevent them from fighting constantly. The older they get, the more time they seem to need alone and with friends their own age. Good luck, and try to keep in mind that the more exercise they get, the less energy they have to fight...lol

Jodie - posted on 06/04/2011




thanx amy lymer payne for your suggestions,ive basically tried all of that.i think my 8 yr old likes to rule the roost n i need 2 nip that in the budd,im currently getting her a referrall to a place called calms(its a great place,i think its some nanny jo frost has set up in places all over the country)also adhd runs in the fathers side of family so ill be checking 4 that aswell

Amy - posted on 05/28/2011




i'm having the same thing here with my girls and what i have found out is that they all want the same toy and thats why mine hit each other. now have told them to Share the same toy or maybe do something different like put in a movie for one or both that they really like for example dora, strawberry shortcake or even bratz the movie. if that don't work let me know and i will figure something for you.

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